Dr. A. Cocaul's (MD) Advice

We are all faced with the desire to control our weight. The means to achieve this are often (too) constraining and a source of nutritional taboos which often lead to eating disorders, frustration and irrational loss of control.
An alternate path consists in using a simple user friendly display tool to estimate calorie intake of what you are about to eat.

       KcalMe can meet your expectations. Its continuously enhanced database will provide you with an accurate view of the calorie intake of a given food or beverage.

        The gross energy of a nutrient is usually expressed in calories which are a unit of heat.
We burn calories in three different ways: through basal metabolism when at rest, through Dietary Induced Thermogenesis (DIT) when the body processes food for use and storage, and thanks to physical activity.

       Your basal metabolic rate will be automatically computed by the application when you enter your age, weight, height, and gender. An additional ponderation factor will be introduced depending on whether or not you practice a regular physical activity. Knowing your daily energy expenditure, you will be able to make the best use of KcalMe.

       KcalMe will help you to estimate your global daily caloric load in the form of a 3D representation taking into account the types of food ingested and the associated serving sizes.
       This fun and user friendly tool will help you evaluate the global calorie intake associated to your meals and therefore assess their compatibility with your chosen target weight, without turning it into an obsession or generating unnecessary guilt. To assist you in managing your meals, your 3D avatar is updated after each food or beverage selection so that you keep track at all times of your calorie intake versus your assigned objectives.

       The greater today's nutritional cacophony, the greater the need for simple straightforward tools. What counts first in managing your weight is the ratio between total calorie intake and energy expenditure.

       So exercice more to burn more but learn to estimate your daily calorie intake while having fun with KcalMe.

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