KcalMe is currently available on iPhone and iPad in HD mode.
Supported versions are iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 6 & 6+ and any iPad.

KcalMe is compliant with the Apple Health app: 

Its main functions are:

Selection of user profile:
  • Profile settings (age, current weight, target weight, gender, physical activity level)
  • Definition of dietary habits
  • Weight curve with target
  • BMI (Body Mass Index) calculation

Unique Nutrition database:
  • Over 14000 products referenced (food and beverages). Includes both comercially prepared and homemade items.
  • Embedded for ultra fast access.
  • Accurate calorie data based on the latest release of the USDA Nutrient Data Base for Standard Reference.
  • Instant search engine supporting synonyms. Ex: by typing 'hamburger', you will have access to items containing 'ground beef'
  • A ranking of the most widely consumed foods and beverages for an even quicker access.
Packaging and content:
  • EXCLUSIVE: Over 240 dynamic 3D pictograms representing typical food and beverage packaging types
  • Intutive choice of container by simply sliding your finger horizontally
  • Choice of quantity by sliding your finger vertically
  • Simple, explicit display of the selected quantity (eg "half a cup" instead of "4 fl oz")
  • Sound effect when changing the quantity
  • Optional Morphing effect applied to the 3D avatar when exceeding daily calorie allowance
Sports and Physical activity database:
  • Includes the most widely practiced sports and will be updated regularly in upcoming releases of KcalMe.
  • A search engine for easier access to activities.
Dynamic definition of calories expended by physical activity and sport:
  • EXCLUSIVE: The definition of calories expended dynamically using 3D icons
  • EXCLUSIVE: The definition of calories expended dynamically using augmented reality
  • Choice of duration
  • Choice of effort issued 
  • Integration with the global calorie counter with smoothing over several days and a link that explains the relationship between calories expended and consumed
Internet of things:
  • Withings balance support
  • Apple HealthKit support for food calories
Logbook and Favorites:
  • Logbook retracing day to day calorimetric history
  • Global history indicator presented in histogram form
  • Add or delete logbook food entries
  • Email your logbook in HTML format to the recipient of your choice
  • Possibility of selecting food or beverage favorites
  • Quick access to selected favorites
Food and beverage editor:
  • Edit your own foods or beverages when they're not already in the databse
  • Container: choose from over 220 dynamic 3D pictograms
  • Origin: choose between homemade or commercially prepared
  • Quantity or volume
  • Kcal count per 100 grams
Newly edited items are automatically added to your favorites and can be also be accessed through the search function. Subject to your consent, new entries may be reviewed and integrated in future releases of KcalMe

Click here for a quick start guide of KcalMe :

A small demonstration video is available here

The KcalMe team

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